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Brisbane North Counselling: Providing Quality Counselling Service Since 1999

We provide Individual Counselling, Training, Family Therapy, Couple Counselling, Group Sessions and Bereavement Support


IMAGO Couples

Learn practical skills and new personal insights for a long term relationship and new communication skills to break destructive behaviours.

Relationship Counselling

This can be your opportunity to talk openly about your relationships in a confidential and friendly space.


Individual counselling offers a private session to address a range of issues. 

Sessions are solution-focused and may include training in relaxation and communication techniques and assertive communication techniques.

IMAGO Couples

Connection is essential for a relationship to thrive. Learn how to co-create with your partner the relationship you both WANT? Take this wonderful opportunity to create a dynamic, living and loving relationship that makes you feel satisfied, joyful and engaged.

What my Clients Say ...

"The communication tools that I have learned from Francis really helped me to get to know my partner and greatly helped us to build a connection. The Imago Therapy sure had some lightbulb moments for me, where I could see how my past life experiences were impacting how I saw the world today. I recommend Francis for any couples wanting a closer connection."



Coming to Francis has helped me understand myself better on a personal level, and given me a better insight into what behaviour and actions can be destructive to a relationship, and what is helpful to a relationship. I would highly recommend Francis to anyone who wants to work on relationship issues, no matter how insignificant they might seem to you.


Meet Francis

Francis Borg is an advanced certified Imago relationships counsellor. She is passionate about Imago Therapy and is experienced in using the Imago dialogue. Francis will assist you and your partner to achieve an experience that will take your understanding of your connection to a new level.

Francis started helping couples and individuals more than 20 years ago and is passionate about working with children, people, families and couples and assisting them in exploring ways to move towards a happier and more positive outcome. I am humbled by the trust that people place in me especially as they share their thoughts, emotions and life journeys with me. I try my best to hear and understand each client's individual story.


Francis is married to Ian and has six children. Prior to establishing her own practice, she worked as a registered nurse and midwife in NSW, NT and QLD, in both the public and private health sectors. She spent several years with employee assistance programs and critical incident counselling for an Australian based EAP provider. She has been active in voluntary or unpaid positions, running plant stalls, school canteen, visiting the elderly which utilised my training and experience.


“I love working with groups, families, couples and individuals to help them “Getting the Relationship they Want.”

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