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Hello Everyone,


My sincere welcome,

My next “Getting The Love You Want” couples’ workshop will take place on 26, 27 & 28 August 2022..


A bit more about the workshop…

The workshop is run by Imago workshop presenters all over the world who have undergone specialised training. It has been utilised by thousands of couples in twenty countries and is available on 5 continents.


It is not a quick fix. It is a realistic understanding of the path to a safe and passionate marriage and partnership, a road map of the journey, and the tools needed to get you there.


The workshop will provide the safety needed to fully focus on your partner, yourself and your relationship. By exploring childhood experiences & romantic attraction you’ll begin to understand the nature of your struggles in a very different way. You’ll spend time alone and together reflecting and writing the details of your conscious and even unconscious needs in the relationship and then you’ll share that information in a way that amplifies understanding and empathy.


The goals are:

  • To provide you with the opportunity to spend a distraction free weekend focused on your relationship.


  • To validate your conflicts, power struggles and frustrations as predictable and even necessary aspects of a committed relationship.


  • To present, demonstrate and practise essential relational tools that will help resolve conflicts and move you to a higher level of functioning as a couple.


  • To clearly show the steps necessary to increase safety and reduce reactivity


  • To help you learn your partner’s love language.


  • To send you home with a jointly created vision of what your ideal relationship will look like and knowledge of tools necessary to take you on the journey to a safe and passionate partnership or marriage.


The workshop is for you if:

  • You want to enrich/deepen a good relationship


  • It’s early in your relationship and you would like to establish solid foundations and healthy communication patterns.


  • Your long-term relationship is lacking energy, passion and a sense of connection.


  • Your relationship is near death and you want to see if it can be saved.

The workshop format includes:

  • Lectures, supported visually with presentation graphics, about the purpose and dynamics of your relationship


  • Individual reflection and recording using the “Getting The Love You Want” Couples’ manual.


  • Demonstrations of communication skills.


  • Practising new behaviours and skills with your partner. While this workshop is conducted in a group environment you are not required to participate in personal interactions.


  • This is not group therapy. You share only with your partner in a safe, comfortable and confidential manner.


Please feel free to contact me should you need any further information or clarification.

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