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IMAGO therapy workshop


MAY 2019
September 2018  Workshop
August 2018 Workshop
May  2018 Workshop
February 2018 Workshop
Great value for money - saw it as an investment in my relationship. Totally worth it. Very safe environment to share intimate thoughts/experiences. I really enjoyed it. Fracnis is fantastic and I liked the fact she used her experiences to explain how to have or improve communication with my husbane. L.N. 
It is a great workshop, very interesting and with a very useful and friendly approach. Very much worth our time and effort and money. Francis is well prepared with noticeable experience. Makes me safe and comfortable. It is a great workshop. S. M. 
Francis was a great facilitator with sincere commitment and understanding of the workshop. Great job. T. E.
Thank you Francis, your passion and delivery made this experience really easy to engage and participate in. M.M.
Great delivery W. R
A terrific workshop to expand your relationship to discover new ways of expressing love. A.E.
Thorough. D. P.
Enthusiastic N. P.
Francis was excellent. Her passion for the topic was evident and her caring, considerate But firm direction was invaluable. Thank you J.D.
Francis was/is really genuine and openly shares her story which was informative and reassuring. Her passion for supporting couples to be better is inspiring. C.H
Thank you Francis for your hard work on presneting this workshop. I know so much more about myself. B.S
Francis is a once in a lifetime opportunity, she introduced us to this amazing way of living and guided us carefully on our journey. B.S.
Very supportive and caring; knowledgeable and well organised. K.S. 
Francis is exceptional at giving couples through this process. Very warm, knowledgeable and caring. G.C.
Francis is awesome. R.C.
well presented and organised. Information that has saved our relationship, we were in a very sad place before coming to the workshop. Small group of us was a huge plus for me. J&M


                "It was a great weekend and we appreciate being introduced to this new way fo really being listened to ." D&F


"Very well presented, welcoming presenter, Francis took time with us all, very knowledgeable and  compassionate." SG

"The workshop time just flew, I was so engaged with this new way of seeing myself. Francis was very engaging." JW


Couples Testimonies:
Always welcomed us with a smile, was happy to go deeper if we had questions. Gave her own story as examples.-TK
Francis was warm and welcoming which made the workshop informative and enjoyable. AC
Francis was extremely warm and engaging and uses personal examples excellently to explain the theory and connect with me.
Francis was excellent. She has an experience base and nature which helped us connect.
Francis -lovely lady that I could listen to and understand and was a great help in sorted out my unhappiness.
Francis was excellent and passionate about Imago.
Francis and Cynthia knew the Imago process theory very well and I felt very welcomed and now have a new appreciation and positive movement forward in my relationship.
Francis is quite knowledgeable about imago theory and very strongly believes in the theory.
Francis was very welcoming and I quickly felt safe and very interested to learn more about me.
We were so unhappy before I went to the workshop I am so very surprised how quickly I  now see things differently and am very hopeful for us. We can talk now.
"The workshop presenters explained how to apply simple techniques to your communication and to better understand and connect with your partner, just like that..." A.S Oct 2017
"As a returned couple to the couples  workshop we were able to practise the exercises in a "safe" environment getting better at doing the work." Lina Oct 2017
"Great workshop I would recommend it to anyone." Fran Oct 2017
"Hugely valuable for our relationship, and our sense of connection and love. Lots of fun too. Thank you Francis and Cynthia so much......" Gab, Oct 2017.
"The workshop helped me insight into how I see myself and to understand all that I can be." S. D. Oct 2017
"Very grateful to both presenters for your compassionate facilitation and for your commitment to making this work available to couples." Gab Oct 2017


                 " The Imago Workshop was a real breakthrough event for us. We learnt what is driving our behaviour and how to support each other so that we can experience what we want from each other. An amazing breakthrough after 15 years of marriage……….. Outstanding! Life changing. " P&T



                "Fantastic! Very well presented and organised. A key to saving any relationship no matter the state it is in. I think you just helped save our marriage!!!! M&M



                "It was a great weekend and we appreciate being introduced to the Imago dialogue what a wonderful gift for us both." E&D



"Very well presented, helpful, compassionate." ES



"The presenter was very supportive and open for questions and helpful" UW



"Very helpful. The presenter was very knowledgeable'  DB


"What I liked about the workshop was that it was safe to be open, the environment was secure and that I was listened to" SW

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