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Brisbane Imago Relationship Therapists are qualified counsellors, family therapists, social workers or other mental health professionals who have completed professional Clinical training in Imago Relationship Therapy.

Francis Borg, Brisbane QLD

Francis is passionate about the Imago relationship theory and helping couples understand their unconscious journey from " romantic love"  (a chemical response) to the "power struggle" (the pointing the finger and saying "you have changed" phase) and how this dynamic helps us grow into "conscious love" personal growth, safe connection and real love.

Francis is an Advanced Imago Therapist and Connected Parents Thriving Kids workshop presenter and "Getting the love you want" couples workshop presenter. Francis has been in Private Practice for 12 years, and has worked with families, couples and individuals in the public and private sector for over 40 years. Francis brings her experience and insight to the human experience to her counselling practice.

Francis Borg: Clinical Member Imago Relationships International, (IRI). Clinical member Queensland Counselling Association, (QCA). Clinical member PACFA, (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia). Member, Australian Assoication of Family Therapy,  (AAFT).

Masters SocSc (Counselling)

Grad Dip(Theo)

Family Therapy


Registered Nurse

m: 0406 949 921




Margy Wakefield, United Kingdom


Margy is an experienced couple’s therapist, Advanced Imago Clinician and Certified Imago Workshop Presenter. Margy works internationally presenting workshops in the United Kingdom (UK), South Africa and  Brisbane, Australia.

Margy Wakefield: BA Social Work, Certified Imago Therapist, Couples and Singles Workshop presenter. BACP, HCPC

m: +44 7703 643 403




Cynthia Edgerton-Warburton, Perth WA


Cynthia has 20 years of practice as an Imago Therapist. She is an Advanced Imago Clinician and Imago Couples’ Workshop Presenter. Cynthia works with individuals, couples and families. She is known for her warmth, quiet humour, and her positive energy. She connects with insight to her clients’ needs as they journey through to attain full aliveness. Her empathetic style supports this journey with full compassion, and ability to locate the strengths of each individual.

m: 0409 100 788


Julie Cutler, Newcastle NSW

My belief and experience in working with couples is that we need to be intentional and conscious in the way we bring ourselves to our relationships, so as to nurture and maintain loving and fulfilling relationships. We can’t expect that the romantic love we experienced in the early days is going to see us through if we don't nurture it and learn about how to maintain it.’

Grad Cert Counselling and Family Therapy

Clinical Member AIRTA, MACA, CounsellorCertified Imago Therapist

m: 0422 955 414



Ranka Joyce, Perth WA

Ranka Joyce is an experienced psychotherapist and relationship counsellor from Perth, Western Australia who works in with individuals and couples who are struggling in their relationships and who are wishing their pain would end.  She is passionate about helping her clients create healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships and lives. She has learned, from her 25yr relationship with her husband, that no relationship is immune to conflict and disconnection at some point on its journey, and that relationships can be wonderful vehicles for healing.

m: 0416 057 412



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