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Brisbane North Counselling is a relationship counselling business operated by Francis Borg who is an advanced certifed Imago Relationship Therapist.

There are moments in everyone's life where we experience or feel a sense of loss of control over our current life situation. Others may easily say that change is a part of life and inevitable but this doesn't always mean that change is always understood or accepted.

These moments could arise from simple things like a change in your employment, moving to another city, the end of a significant relationship, or death of a loved one It could arise from loss of a pregnancy, or from children growing up and leaving home.

If something like this is happening to you, you may experience varied emotional mental responses. These emotions may also lead to physical discomfort or illness.

If you need help to understand what is happening in your life, or just want to talk to someone about it, a counsellor may be able to help. The counsellors in Brisbane at our well appointed clinic are trained and experienced in helping clients work through a variety of different issues and challenges. You don't have to face your fears and difficulties alone; call Brisbane North Counselling on 0406 949 921 to make your initial appointment. For more information visit the website

If you have health insurance with Bupa or Medibank you MAY be able to claim for services, please consult your health insurance provider prior to booking an appointment.

Medibank Provider Number: 1480032T

BUPA Provider Number: J129343

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